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Dark Purple Shirt

Modern hue to retro style

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4.25 out of 5
4 reviews

Turn to a classic British heritage look with this cotton shirt from iconic label Tuscany London. Splashed with the unmistakable print, this piece features a classic collar, branded buttons and a curved hem. The classic pattern gets a modish spin with a supersized, multi-coloured update.

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4 κριτικές για Dark Purple Shirt

  1. Βαθμολογήθηκε με 4 από 5

    Great shirt. I like the way it can be combined both with jeans and classic trousers.

  2. Βαθμολογήθηκε με 3 από 5

    I definitely like this jacket! It may help in any situation.

  3. Βαθμολογήθηκε με 5 από 5

    It looks like nothing special, but believe me, if you try on this top, you’ll definitely buy it! It fits perfectly any look.

  4. Βαθμολογήθηκε με 5 από 5

    Wow! Cool shirt! Really comfortable to wear even in Summer.

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